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Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders have many signs and symptoms.  Some of the most common ones include the following:

-- Pain in or around the ear.  This pain often spreads to the face.

--Tenderness of the jaw muscles.

--Clicking or popping noise when one opens or closes the mouth.

--Difficulty in opening one's mouth

--Jaws that "get stuck", "lock", or "go out".

--Pain brought on by yawning, chewing, or opening the mouth widely.

--Certain types of headaches or neckaches.

Dr. Johnson  can determine the cause of your symptoms by conducting a series of diagnostic tests.  These may include a complete medical history, a clinical examination, X-rays, and casts (models) of your teeth.  Sometimes Dr. Johnson may refer you to a physician.   This procedure may seem time-consuming, but proper diagnosis is an important step before treatment.  It can save time and money by ensuring that you receive the treatment appropriate for your particular problem.